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Why Charleston Charter and Yacht?

Our elegant 52' yacht features 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. You will be immersed in sound with our state-of-the art stereo system. Matching in quality are our televisions, equipped with satellite cable. While Charleston boasts a warm, tropical climate, central heating and air guarantee your ride will be the perfect temperature for you, What are you waiting for? Our staff, 6 ft. long leather couches, and large

sun pad await.

Where to go?

Our yacht primarily tours Charleston's harbor, taking in the sites and sounds of our historic coast. However, there is much more to the Lowcountry. Your charter is fully customizable and tailor-made to

fit your needs! To find out more, click here.


Established in 1670, Charleston is packed with over 350 years of history. Some of this history, such as Fort Sumter, can only be accessed via Charleston's waterways. The city has a subtropical climate, ensuring warm weather almost year-round. The sunny summers and mild winters are perfect for boating, no matter the season. A plethora of wildlife calls our coasts home. It is not uncommon to have dolphins escort our charters throughout Charleston's waters.

About our master captains

Steve Woodard has been around boats all of his life, owning his first sail boat at the tender age of 11. In 2008, he founded Charleston Charter and Yacht, a family business. He proudly brought luxurious, customized, private charters to the Lowcountry for the first time. Steve has owned 13 boats throughout the years and has been a Master Captain 100 tons for 16 years. His skill, expertise, and experience in maneuvering a variety of vessels ensures you are in extremely capable and caring hands.

Paul Zobel was born in Charleston, spending much of his formative years on the waters around the area. He has had a captains license for over forty years, owning and piloting boats from Miami to NY for many of them. He was Captain of the Port for Dewees Island for ten years, piloting their ferry boats. Capt. Charleston Charter and Yacht is incredibly proud to have Cpt. Paul continuing work on the water with us.

Pete DeBoer is a native of Seattle, Washington and grew up in a boating family. Because he is a retired U.S. Coast Guard officer, his experience in operating boats and ships covers the spectrum from 14 to 378 feet. He has served and worked in the Pacific, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Bering Sea, and the Atlantic - from Trinidad to Martha’s Vineyard. Multitalented, Pete is a singer-songwriter that enjoys playing the guitar. His novel, Heave To, loosely parallels his 3 years of drug enforcement operations on a Charleston based cutter in the early 80’s. When Pete is your captain, it's guaranteed you will probably enjoy a sea story or two.

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